Maximum current for my setup

Hi all,
below my setup:

  • WS2812B 5V led strip (not the full strip but only 189 LEDs of 300 total)
  • ESP32 MH-ET with WLED 0.12 firmware
  • PS DC5V 20A 100W

LED strip specs:

  • 60 LEDs/mt
  • Power: 18W/m, 0.3W/LED

Below the wiring:

If I let the config untouched so:

  • Enable automatic brightness limiter: checked
  • Maximum Current: 850 mA

light is dim.
If I uncheck the flag,
the light is super :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: but I don’t want to blow up my house.

Some newbie questions:

  • Which mA value is safe for this setup?
  • Is leave the flag unchecked safe as well?
  • Is it fine using standard LED strip wires or is it better to opt for much thicker cables?
  • A lot of posts suggested fuse use - the PS already got one. Is inline fuse recommended for this scenario?

Thanks in advanced.

Your limit would be 5600mA

How did you calc it?
I don’t know if this is right:

  • 0.3W per led
  • 56.7W / 189 LEDs
  • A = 56.7W / 5V
  • 11.34A = 11340mA (worst case full bright)


Our Discord bot gives a typical current of 3.3A and a maximum current of 8.5 amps.
The current limiters primary use case is if the maximum draw by the LEDs exceeds what your power supply and wiring can safely deliver.
The power supply is not the limiting factor in your setup, however the 5.5mm DC barrel jack you are using is only rated for 5a typically, so I’d either: Set current limit to 5000mA, or: Snip of the barrel jack from the power supply cable and connect it to the strip wires using e.g. Wago clamps. In that case, the brightness limiter can be disabled, since the maximum draw of your LEDs would never come close to what the PSU can deliver.

Is Mammut Clamp Screw ok insted of Wago clamps?


Yes, of course.

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Fun part is I gave you same number and for you it’s not solution :joy: