Dig quad stopped working

Had set up a very small project on a dig quad and while testing it was all working fine. Dropped one of my pixel strings quite lightly on top of the dig quad and then lights stopped working. Was still recognising lights in wled but nothing was turning on. I seem to be getting power to dig quad as the power lights are working. Thinking I should check the fuse and maybe change the output wiring but cant think what else could have caused it given it was a fairly minor knock it took.

any ideas?

Connect power wire to different quad output terminal (swapping with another LED strip if necessary).
If swapping power makes the strip work, probably blown fuse. Easier to connect a multimeter and check the voltage at the power terminal used by the strip though. If it’s correct, then it’s possibly bad strip.
Pixel strips are (or at least can be) more delicate than the diq quad (IMHO).

First / easiest thing to do is verify voltage using a DC voltmeter.
Second is LED swapping to verify the strip is ok, and also, connecting different strip to output that suddenly stopped working.
Once you know what’s really wrong, it’s easier to move forward.