Dig quad, different brands led

So I have a dig quad, for a while I only had one channel running with ws2811 strips. It was working great.
I had some strips from a different brand that I wanted to set up on another channel, tested the strips to make sure they worked and they did just fine, but once I got them installed and wired up, both of my channels started going crazy.

I checked all wiring and it is fine, I have ground loop properly connected solder points are fine.

But now when I disconnect channel 2 completely my original set that was working great is now still spazzing out.

Also, when I use the wled on off button, the strips stop spazzing but they don’t lose power, leds are still on. Which makes me worried I ruined my dern dig quad board.

What did I do wrong? Do I need to now try to repair damaged sections of the original strips?

Really need to some details on wiring to assist.

For now I would suggest breaking into an offline setup. Take a strip and connect to dig quad on bench. Connect one output at a time. See what happens. Will let you know if quad is good.

At first I had the quad power outputs bypassed. I had the quad powered via the power supply, and the two strips as well. When it first went crazy. I moved my positive leads to the fused outputs of the quad and that’s when I wasn’t able to get them to turn off fully.

I guess that could mean I somehow have a short on my connections somewhere.