Dig-Quad Strange Behavior with strings > 150 pixels

I’ve attached a copy of my current configuration. Using this setup, all 3 strips work fine up to 150 pixels. The 168 pixel string fails to light the remaining 18 pixels unless I manually change the configuration in LED preferences and resave it. This happens every time I power on the controller.

I tried setting it up as a continuous string (i.e. offsetting each LED output by the correct # of pixels) and then using segments but that has a different issue. While all pixels now light up, the 2nd and 3rd segments have smaller LED groups and a slower frame rate. This is very noticeable with the Candy Cane effect which, as you might imagine, is popular this time of year.

So, I’m stuck with either a smooth frame rate with the last 18 pixels dark, or 3 segments where two of them are noticeably different (slower and shorter color groups). I’m struggling to find the configuration that resolves all the issues. Please help!

Relevant info: this is an ESP32 module with WLED v0.13.3 installed.

Not real sure what exactly you are wanting to do.

If you want them all as one segment make sure the segment is set on 0 to 408

If you are wanting to offset because different segments are different lengths I can’t help there as I have never tried that. Maybe try a search for offset. I know I have seen it talked about but can’t remember if it was here or discord.