Digital addressable "analog" LED strips


I was searching for a way to use non addressable LED strips with a Sonoff Basic so i can cut the power to the power supply. I came accross some modules with the P9813 chip and ordered some.

Paid about 1$ plus shipping on Aliexpress
With these modules its possible to drive normal LED strips with just 2 pins from the ESP8266/ESP32 and they are even cascadable. So it would be possible to drive up to 1024 LED strips. I made a pull request for NeoPixelBus which just got accepted and will open one for WLED.


I’ve been looking for these but with WS2812/15 comparability. I’ve found quite a few but they always seem to be out of stock. This might be a good option if the protocol is supported on WLED.

Hmm. Do they exist with RGBW support?

The P9813 chip these boards are based on only supports 3 channels.
I dont know if there are other boards/chips with more options.

Awesome little driver board, I like it! WLED can do the analog driving itself, but this is a lot more convenient.

Merged your PR :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same modules with a P9813 chip and I want to connect it to an esp8266-01 module to control them with the wled application, I can’t find how to configure the ports since it works with two pins. Can someone help me and tell me how do I connect them and how do I connect them? Thanks a lot.

Data is usually GPIO2 and Clock is GPIO0.