Does Wled does Wled support I2C connections?

Hello there, i want to connect a Arduino nano/mega to my esp32 quin led
And i am asking if Wled uses or has any i2c protocol implemented?

If you’re asking if you can control WLED functions via some kind of I2C enabled API - not that I know of.

There are some examples of serial API control out there or perhaps some of the other data interfaces (e.131, DDP, etc - check the KB) may be useful.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

I am trying to do dimming AC led control (220vac) by wleds, i got the proper hardware do to do it
I got an idea, for controlling the pwm cicle wave by programing an Arduino nano (connecting to my esp32 - quinled in I2C connections ) so i can tell my triac when should it go 25% 50% 75% etc properly.

I don’t know if Wleds tells me the cicles of the pwm waves i need

WLED will do it’s own PWM for a White LED and is designed to drive an LED directly via a Mosfet. It’s possible the arduino code could be modified to read the WLED output and generate the corresponding Triac drive.

The WLED PWM output will be very simple based on duty cycle for brightness, 100% duty=100% brightness, 33% duty=30% brightness, etc. The Arduino code can probably accommodate the Zero-crossing switch aspects to reduce RFI noise.

Is there any part of the wled code where i can see that? the WLED pwm output?

for example the ms of each pwm wave and interruptions of each cicle to generate the 33%, 50% etc ?

because i am trying to do 6/8 dimming outputs on my quinled and i want a decent control and not waves overlap each others.

WLED is fully opensource, you can get it here: WLED Source

Feel free to download it and review/change what you’d like.