Elekstube G2.1 pinout with ESP32 Pico 4

Hi, can anybody give me support with the elekstube mod? I just compiled 14.0 with “elekstube_ips” in the default_envs of platformio_override.

Got the binary anf flashed the clock, followed the readme.md and uploaded 0.bin … 9.bin to the root directory under ip/edit.

No settings neccesary, PINs looked right.

But after booting the clock just show digit 1…5 with the image of 0…9 like a countdown in sequence. The left most one is dark.

What did i forgot?


Got it to work. If you buy the Gen2.1, the following changes in hardware.h are neccesary:

// Chip Select shift register, to select the display
#define CSSR_DATA_PIN (14) // 14
#define CSSR_CLOCK_PIN (9) // 9
#define CSSR_LATCH_PIN (10) // 10

not sure if i can also changes this with -D optiions in the override which would survive any updates.

I didn’t adapt the other pins like RTC and buttons since i don’t need this features.