Esp32 (az-delivery) crashes when changing effect


I have an Esp32 from AZ delivery and flashed the latest binary onto it.

Everytime I change the effect, change brightness or something else, the Esp32 crashes and restores the default values.

First I thought it could be unstable power, but I’m using a buck converter to downstep 12v to 5v. I attached also a levelshifter, for the 5v cmos of the ws2815. I once attached a few capacitors at the buck converter with no help.

On GitHub there are a few issues already opened about similar behavior.

What can I try to make it more stable?

When you installed the bootloader to the ESP32, and then installed WLED at the proper offset (see the wled wiki for instructions / guidance on this), did you erase the ESP32 before loading?

My recommendation is to reload bootloader, install WLED v0.11.x for ESP32. Then install v0.12.x for ESP32 over top using OTA update. After that, configure for your wifi and configure as normal.

If your ESP32 is not from a bad batch of ESP32’s, that should improve things. If it’s a bad ESP32, try running v0.11.x WLED firmware and see if it works well. If it works well with v0.11.x but does not work well for v0.12.x, please post back.

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Thank you, it seems to have worked :smiley:

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