Esp32 CYD (cheap yellow display)

I was wondering if there is any plans to support the esp32 cheap yellow display with the gui available through the touchscreen? Or if its even possible. Just wondering.


was thinking the same. I make these light boxes using WLED and thought it’d be cool and nice for the user to have a interface screen built in. Thought about getting one just to tinker with


would need to be a usermod

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I have one sitting on my desk, waiting a projecr. Hopefully someone with programming skills will do something for it.

Was just thinking, somethinge like 4 line display user mod wouldn’t be that useful for this screen as it is designed to work with buttons…

Could someone make the web interface display on the screen?


why in the world woudt someone drive a TFT like display with WLED

for that price of the CYD you get 60meter of 30/m LEd 2812b Black PCB
and 72 strripes 1meter of White PCB so the whole Holiday House display

Not to drive the tft for effects, but as a control interface. Its a touchscreen.