ESP32 flashed, connected, but doesn't control led strip

Hello all, I require some assistance. I’ve flashed an esp32 and can connect to it via the app, the light on the board flashes when I make changes. I’ve connected my 5v led strip to D4, but nothing works; no lights. I’ve got a particle photon board with spark pixels on it and that controls the lights just fine. What could be the issue?

Thanks in advance

Make sure your power and ground is correctly connected and that the LED strip is the right way around (most have arrows pointing away from the data input)
If you are using a lot of LEDs, you should also enter your power supply rating in LED settings to make sure the current limiter doesn’t make the LEDs too dim (or even off)

As suggested make sure all the grounds are linked especially if using an independent power supply to feed the main pixels. Also keep the data line as short as possible for the initial tests.