Leds keep fkasing every 30 seconds

leds keep flashing every 30 seconds or so? running esp32 board and around 700 leds

Could be a grounding issue. Is power supply ground connected to ESP32 ground?

Could be a data line problem. How far away is the controller from the first LED? What size wires? How close is your data/signal wire to your power wires? Sometimes separating them helps. Are you using anything else in between the ESP32 and the LED such as a resistor?

If none of those things help, you should provide more info about your setup or it’s just us shooting in the dark. Many things can cause issues so the more info you can provide us on your setup the better people can help. What type of LEDs? What’s the voltage? What is the power supply? What make/model ESP32 board? What data pin(s) is it connected to? Etc.

that’s my set up i can only get the first 700 leds to work then they flash every 30 seconds or so?

igot another dev board to try get the other 700leds to work wondering what rout anyone will go down wether i need different dev boards

It’s the equipment used, but you don’t show or state how everything is actually connected together.

From power supply to LEDs, I presume you have +/- hooked up correctly or you wouldn’t see anything.

From ESP to LEDs, you should have the data line connected. Which pin is it connected to? There also needs to be a GND wire going from ESP32 GND pin to LED strip GND. Do you?

In your WLED Settings, what do you have for the settings in your light strip, particularly the “length” setting which tells it how many LEDs you have connected.

We just really need to know exactly how you have everything connected, and the software settings you used, to help.