ESP32 + MAX9814 not possible

ESP32 + MAX9814 it is not possible for it to work with soubdreactive I don’t know what I can do wrong I think it is max9814 pins possibly not correctly installed I hope you can help me

Connect GAIN and VDD to 3V3 on the esp32. Looks like you’ve got one connected to EN and 3V3

This is the connection, I think the one that fails is the green OUT connection.

That’s an analogue mic and looks like you’ve set it up as digital in the config?

ok that seems possible to me because I’m a newbie, what should I do to configure it as analogico?

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select analogue instead of digital and choose the right pin, that should be it

it’s OK ??

You may not get it to work. The only way I was able to get an Analog mic working was to use the MoonModules Sound Reactive builds. (not to be confused with the Audio Reactive Usermod build)

Well, no, it doesn’t work, this is the file that I installed
WLED_0.14.1_ESP32_ARE I thought it would be optimal for esp32
but comments that this is ok (MoonModules Sound Reactive)
As I already mentioned, I’m new, where is MoonModules Sound Reactive?

thank you

Best place is: Scroll all the way down in the list and pick one of the MoonModules builds. I would try one of the 2 I selected in the pic.

I can confirm this .bin works: WLEDMM_0.14.1-b30.36_esp32_4MB_S.bin That is the one in the pic highlighted blue.

Update!! I just reflashed the Latest Nightly build of (regular Aircookie) 14.1 with Audio Reactive and AudioReactive is working with my Analog Max-9814 mic. So it should work for you :upside_down_face:

Flash using a PC and usb cable. Don’t do OTA

I can also confirm it is reacting at 40dB mic setting as well as 50dB setting. 60dB is not so good. Likely that 40 is still the best (my mic is wired with a 3 way switch so I can choose between 40,50,60dB).

It seems that I have achieved it so far it reacts to the music
Although I am not very clear about the pin activation process.
but I will continue to inform myself within my limits
thank you

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Hello, now it works fine, I have 100 LEDs connected.
but I want to add a 5m LED strip
When adding the 5 m LED strip, ESP32 is blocked and it has already raised the limit from 100 to 600 LEDs, what could be the problem?

I have no idea what that means. You will have to explain better.

If you added more LEDs in LED Preferences and they are not lighting up, go to your Segments in the main GUI and make sure the total is right there.

ok if it is difficult to explain I hope I can take photos
it is better to understand