Problems installing sound reactive 0.13.3

Is there any way to bypass this, or do I have to get a different board? Would really like the sound reactive to work with this board, but looks like it’s not supported… Having no issues installing the beta 0.14.0-b1, but would like to get the SR to work…

Yes . esp8266 audio is no longer supported on 14 use this only version from this site
WLED installation (

Thanks, got it installed :slight_smile:

Now I wonder where to connect the different wires from the microphone.
In this version it’s not possible to choose in settings wich pins the microphone is connected to, and cant find any information about it…

I’ve connected SCK to D5, WS to D6 and SD to D7.


As you may have noticed you can not use digital mic with esp8266 , you can only use analog mic with that old version and the audio pin will default to A0 ( marked on your board ) so you cant pick ADC in ui .