Need help to connect a microphone module to ESP8266

I am able to use the WLED using ESP8266 nodemcu and everything is amazing. But now i want to make it sound reactive to make it sync with my music system for this christmas night, but i was not able to make wiring between the nodemcu and sound sensor module which has 4 pins. Please some one send how to connect them. may be any wiring image.

Please help…
Thanks in Advance

Hi Isabel,
You can refer the wiki page created by the author for the pins of Microphone to get connected with ESP32.
But if you need them for ESP8266 nodemcu refer this article, it has circuit diagrams for connecting with nodemcu.

Hi ,

If you want a noob project that is actually working then try this .

just a note that this type of sensor still worked for me but it is
not really very good . Dnt be cheap like me and get the recommended one :slight_smile:

The pins are configurable in WLED

Thanks to circuitschools for the info and merry merry christmas to you both

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