ESP32 Mini Clone Question

Hi all,

I was given a couple of the below boards today however unlike the ESP8266 mini’s there isn’t a 5v input pin shown on the PCB. The DEV boards seem to have a 5v input pin marked but not these.
Are there only 3.3v inputs on this board (other than the USB port) or can you apply 5v to the VCC pin to power it?

VCC for a WEMOS is 5V. You know it will accept 5V because it has a USB input.

For this board you can find a lot information here
And even a binary files compiled for a shield with this board.

You can confirm for yourself by checking the voltage on the VCC pin with a multimeter.

Thanks for the reply guys. Yes the VCC does seem to take 5v OK so don’t need to power it via USB except for programming.
srg74 you GitHub page is interesting.

I have a d1 mini, like the one above, but I do not know where to connect the led in (installation guide says D2/G2 but it’s not in the pin Lay-out.

For your module, since GPIO2 is apparently wired to one of the onboard LEDs, you can use VS Code / Platform IO to modify the datapin from 2 to 16 and build custom firmware for your ESP32 module.