ESP32 - Wifi - STA and AP Mode at Same Time

Although, I have connected my Dig-Uno to my home network is there any reason to not chose “Always” as “Condition on when to open the AP” (from WLED Wiki)? My reason for this is to give me a back door should I not be able to access through my home network.

A situation that I have at the moment is that I cannot access the Wifi on my controller (through App, pinging, IP search, cycle power, etc.). It did work when I setup inside, and other than an occasional fail to connect once outside, I now have no connection. I had saved the setting “No connection after boot” for my AP, however, it is not transmitting. The controller is running the configured start setting just fine (fortunately the wife’s favorite Christmas sequence), I just can’t get into it to make any changes. I would bring it in to test it, but means climbing a ladder with snow on my boots at 0 degrees F. That can wait till I get a gameplan together.
I did test having the setup I am suggesting on a nodemcu with ESP32. It seems to be happy and I can get in from both ends. In fact, I am impressed about the range of the AP mode.


Without any comments? Is this a question for a different forum? Being a Dig-Uno that I have had for only a month - should I email Quindor (I see his email address, but, no users forum - maybe I have just not found it)?


Sorry to see you are having unresolved issue with the Dig Stuff that long . I asked others having issue like yours and one mentioned that he was directed by Quindor to post in this forum so i think you are asking in the right place . It just might be the holiday session and the big guns are away but for sure If i was you I would send mails and comments on his channel until you get help . I just canceled my Dig order after others situation like this

Wish you luck

@ALDIY - thanks for the reply. Must be Karma, but, after reading your note, I put Google to work again and found what I think is tge correct Discord group. I stated my issue and got an initial response from Quindor. I sent him a follow up and with any luck he may have some suggestions. Him, and many on these forums are much smarter in these areas than me (I am usually just good with the questions - looking for people good with the answers). I realize there may not be a complete nor happy answer to my questions, but, I just want info from those who may suggest a logical direction so that I can move on.
Take care.

That is good news and dnt sell your self short ( I have seen the fancy stuff you have done on your house )

What is the correct Discord group so we may direct other and I personally want to check their before I Dig in

I found this link to link where I did get a direct response.

I fell dump , I already registered before but forgot to login , thanks a lot for the help