ESP8266 v0.13.0-b4 / No Alexa?

Hi, unfortunately I can’t connect the ESP to Alexa, of course the check mark is ticked (emulate Alexa…) Alexa and ESP are in the same network.

What others have tried restarting ESP / restarting Alexa, I have also tested, no success. UPNP and fixed IP unfortunately also no success.

Best to try b6.

Unfortunately, the B6 is not soundreactive for the ESP8266

But I’ll just test the B6 (without sound Reactive) just to see if Alexa recognizes the version

I believe the sound reactive fork has disabled some interfaces (including Alexa) in their binaries.

That’s almost embarrassing for me, you’re right, I take the b6 without sound reactive, it works perfectly.
So I hope that @SRG74 might have some advice on how Alexa can become active again in its fork :wink:

Thanks for the tip B6 though / really great job Aircoookie