Ethernet support

So I have some shields on order to ‘upgrade’ a bunch of Wemos D1 boards to ethernet since Wifi around my house is sketchy to say the least. They haven’t arrived yet but keen to see/check the WLED config options (documentation on these settings a somewhat sparse)

I’ve flashed one of my Wemos boards with 13.0-b6 (from the web installer) with the ‘my board has ethernet’ ticked, configured it to initially connect over my wifi, yet when I look at the wifi config page, scrolling to the very bottom I don’t see any ethernet options to fiddle with.

Do these options only become visible/editable when the ESP32 actually communicates with the LAN8720A chip over its serial interface? i.e. am I being too impatient and should just wait to connect up the shields and then check the WLED config…?

Just to follow up on this, attached is a screen grab of the wifi config page, with no ref to ethernet settings…any ideas?

Fear not boys and girls, I figured it out myself! Ethernet support is only on ESP32 boards - so the Wemos D1 boards I have (millions of) kicking around will end up on eBay as I replace them all over time :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2022-01-06 at 19.13.56

Hi , It is interesting that you asked a question and then answer it yourself . shows you have initiative .

Just a question , are you going to sell your stuff because you have a weak WiFi ?!! surly there must be a cheap easy way to improve the WiFi in your house .

I am staring to think that i will get some shields too since they are so popular


I wasn’t being completely transparent with the wifi issue…I’m attempting to rule out using wifi on my esp32 boards in favour of ethernet owing to not wanting any latency issues driving the boards with e1.31 comms from xlights.

That said, is there any documentation I’m struggling to find that details the various ethernet options on the wifi config page? I’ve interfaced a generic ESP32 dev board (with sufficient I/O broken out to physical pins) to a Waveshare LAN8720 ETH Board, opting to use the ESP32Deux option shown above and surprisingly worked first time. That is of course is more luck than judgment.

Given the above solution appears to work with off the shelf dev boards I’ll now most likely implement my own pcb with them along with a bunch of bespoke power options for running 24V ‘ring main’ to my house pixels.


Although I did not face much network delays with xlights and wled /wifi because I have separate LAN for all DIY devices , wifi could be a valid concern in some projects

like you I could not find much info readily available on ethernet options/ setting in wled , what I gather is that LAN8720A is supported and once you connected and selected ethernet board that the same options apply as wifi , the only info i found was the start of ethernet support which you most likely already seen

If you wish, I could post your question in the discord since QuinLED boards uses ethernet and might be you can get more info there . Just clarify if you already manged to get wled working with ESP32 & LAN8720A then what further network options you are looking for ?


I guess fundamentally what I’m looking for since it appears to be missing/poorly documented/hiding, is the differentiation between ethernet interface options. My solution randomly just worked when I chose the ESP32Deux option (and the above screen grab was a complete fluke that option was highlighted since the time of writing that response I didn’t have any ESP32 boards to play with).

If you actually google the name ESP32Deux, not a lot pops up. Quite a few ESP32 related hits, but certainly nothing along the lines of an ethernet interface for an ESP32 board.

All kinda hit and miss really.

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