WT32-ETH01 shield with level shifter

Hi - anybody here who knows a nice shield with full 74AHCT125 for the WT32-ETH01 ? I found two different ones but they ony use one single data line - but i need at least two - better four since the 74AHCT125 as four of it anyway.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Why not to use Quindor board with ethernet? All features in one set.

great board - no question. But i have those WT32-ETH01 already and would like to use them. I also miss the relay to switch off main power. And it is a little bit oversized for my application since 2 segments would drive just a single LED.

But i think i should order one for playing around :slight_smile:

How do they switch off the big power supply ? It looks like the wemos can be driven by a small usb charger device independently. In that case i would like to switch off the main power unit to prevent global warming :upside_down_face:

All info you can find here https://quinled.info Quindor documented all aspects of his boards.