WLED Wemos D1mini shield with relay

Just added OLED display connector.



I ordered your board from pcbway.
Almost wanted to do quinled dig uno, but then I saw this one.
Dig uno is nixe, but I wanted a relais for cutting of the leds, wich the dig uno doesnt have.
So thank you for this.

1 question, the ressetible fuse you use there (f1), does it have to be exactly that one?
Or can i use another one with about the same specs, as long it does about 900mah cutoff and 500mah hold right?
Ofcourse minimum 12v+.
Cos the RHEF050 here in the netherlands is hard to get and expansive.

Hi! Thank you for choosing my board design. I home you will like it.
Yes you can use any kind resettable fuse as soon it hold about 350-500mA and voltage is about 20V. Also if it difficult to get you can just bypass fuse. I added fuse because a lot of beginners want to use shield for LED lights. You don’t sound like beginner so it’s ok to bypass.
Best regards

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Hi guys WLED Wemos shield PCB is updated to new version https://github.com/srg74/WLED-wemos-shield

What was the reason for the new pcb layout?
I see you made it a bit bigger and placement a bit diffirent for a few parts.

Reason is to use Wemos D1 mini and Wemos32 mini on same PCB. But problem is ESP32 based is slightly bigger (4.5mm). Plus I changed Fuse holder for different type because some guys is complaining about previous type.

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If anybody want previous versions - Gerber files have been uploaded to repository.

I understand both valid reasons :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @srg74 ,

I just ordered your boards at PCBways and wanted to check what in your fork of WLED is changed compared to the master of Aircoookie ?

…is it only the usermods ?
Or are there other changes, too ?

Thx a lot for a reply,
Ralf aka Def3nder

Only a usermods. Everything is updated from Aircoookie.

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