V2.0 Universal Wemos shield is published

To all folks who like to solder their own projects! V2 of shield is published! With support of 4 strips. And one extra pin non shifted. GitHub - srg74/WLED-wemos-shield: Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) or Wemos ESP32 D1 Mini (ESP32) based shield for WLED firmware
PCB can be ordered here Universal WLED wemos shield - Share Project - PCBWay



Nice work!


Do you have instructions for V2.0?

Instructions in project wiki.

Theres no instructions for the OLED screen, or for multiple outputs. What is jr-1, IO15, IO15-1, IO14, IO14-1. None of this is in the Wiki. The wiki only gives info up to v1.5

Ah now I understand what you need. I will add those to wiki in few days. Please come back and check.

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Hello @srg74
I have ordered all the components and received almost everything.

is not available at the moment and if it is, it is at very expensive prices.
Are there any alternatives?
Sorry, I’m not a developer or a hardware expert, so I’m asking just to be on the safe side.

Can be replaced with B59965C0160A070 https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/epcos-tdk-electronics/B59965C0160A070/651941

Hello srg74,

thank you very much, I have found it now.
Which BOM file is actually the right one?
I have one there is an r8 in it, but on the PCB is no r8, so I think I have the wrong BOM file.

I don’t see any R8 in BOM. WLED-wemos-shield/BOM.pdf at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub

I do :slight_smile:
i told you i must have the wrong one :slight_smile:

https://github.com/srg74/WLED-wemos-shield/blob/master/resources/BOM.1.3 .Update.xlsx

Link what you send clearly stating v1.3 and your board is 2.0

yes, i am adjusting my order list, i can use almost anything. thank you for your help.

@ srg74:
I wanted to say thank you.
After the parts are all there, I have now completed 5 shields and they all work great.
I love your work, thank you

My pleasure. Enjoy!

Hi, I have a question on the the semis shield. I love that the shield provide I2C interface, but I actually want the relay to control the power supply instead of the dc power, as my strips are pretty long (10m, which require around 150W at 30A) and the shield doesn’t support it. Is there a way where I can connect an external relay using the shield?


Shield is support external devices including relay module. On latest version you have even auxiliary power for it. @blazoncek even made a usermod you can use for multiple relays.