Wemos shields back in stock

HI all WLED users. I would like to inform that Wemos WLED universal and mini shields are back in stock on Tindie. Newer improved versions of both shields.

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I was getting excited, but then I saw the shipping costs more than the hardware :frowning: is there also an European distributor by any chance?

Where are you reside?

Germany here

Very possible that it’s will be available next month.

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Awesome, please update when :slight_smile:


on the 5/12v version at tinde there is a 1amp supply option. Does that mean one can connect mains ac to power the esp32? (i.e. a built in power supply). Otherwise please explain.

Also if I read the pcb correct pins 32,15,14 are broken out on that header and I assume are not the pins used for strip data nor the relay. Thus I could add an extenal button to any/all of those three? I see too a BTN header. Does that have a built in pullup? What gpio pin does that use?

after some more digging found this. WLED-wemos-shield/Wemos_shield_pinout.png at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub

Looks like pin 15 is shifted so only for output? The BTN connector is pin 17 (built in pullup?). Strip data is out on pin 16. Still no idea of pin for relay.

GPIO 15, 14 can be shifted or not, GPIO32 not shifted. Also you can use GPIO21 and GPIO22 which marked as SCL and SDA. On top of it you have sensor GPIO23 available and GPIO18 for IR receiver also exposed. I think it plenty GPIOs you could use for numerous projects. Here is full schematic WLED-wemos-shield/schematic.pdf at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub and also pinout Pinout · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield Wiki · GitHub

Thx, so what is the “1 amp supply” version

On board I have a buck converter for using board with 12VDC and 24VDC power supplies for driving 12/24V LED strips. There’s to version of buck converter 0.5A and 1A. First for using board as is and 1A for external relays or pin sensors. Because they require more current.

ok, “supply” threw me. For $1.50 I’ll get the 1A version just to avoid issues.

Last question (ha). If I order PCBs via pcbway is there a way to send them the BOM and have them ship parts with PCBs. If not is there another service, or easy way to get multiple sets of the BOM?

Regarding 1A buck converter. It’s only related to fully assembled SMD shields. If you want to do DIY shield option only is 0.5A. It’s plenty for a most task board can do. Only would not sufficient for an additional relays powered from shield.
Regarding capabilities of PCBway to supply parts you have to contact them. I personally never used their services of that kind. In my BOM parts is supplied by Digi-Key. Digi-key is presented in Europe too. Also you can try to look for parts at lcsc.com. They have a lot of parts available. Just make sure resistors and other parts is same size and you can fit them.
I just added new BOM for ordering on LCSC.com