WLED Wemos mini shield

If anyone interested to buy manually assembled and tested shield. For 5V power supply and LED setup, with level shifter. Multiple configurations e.g. with OLED display, microphone. Can be used with I2C sensors with exposed I2C interface.
3D printed enclosure is in the work and will be posted for free replication.
US and Canada buyers welcome https://www.tindie.com/products/22680/

Hello - great work on this - been following for a while to see guides and everything.

Any plans to do the above around Europe?
if not - may have to build myself and learn hehe :slight_smile:

Ben from Spain.

Hi! Thank you for the good words.
Actually it’s a little complicated with shipping to Europe. All boards is manually assembled in US with premium parts and tested manually. So there’s no shipments from China. And to keep that way I have to ship from US and shipments rates to Europe is horrible. For now it’s only way.

Thanks for replying.

I’m going to dive into your guide and try my best do build it myself lol

Should be new and fun…

Your guide seems excellent to follow…

Your gerber file can be used for the board here in EU I guess lol v1.51?

If I get stuck, I’ll be back here for sure lol

Thx again


For PCB is better if you follow link to PCBway. I always update gerber files on their website first. Plus it’s really good quality boards they producing. The only you have to choose quantity and desired color of the board. Regarding Wiki it’s mostly my German friend who fixed and did it more understandable.

Kudos to your German friend too!

I posted a new thread with the items and a few questions before I start on my quest DIY.

I contacted a Spanish firm for PCBs and they quoted me 2€ per board with a 300€ admin fee. I said no lol
I also talk to PCBWay at the moment - they have free delivery if they build them. So asking for a quote there too. However, I will try to build one myself to learn more.

Thanks for the help here and hope you can also help me n the other thread to double-check a few things.



Hi. This is what I’ve been looking for… Where is the file for PCBway?

I’m in New Zealand so pcbway is a great way to order in


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Thats seem like the more complex one… Im after a simple level shifter shield really.

With this board you can go for very simple setup Bare minimum · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield Wiki · GitHub and add functionality as you wish. Everything in the Wiki.

thank you

An alternative board that is very simple to build: GitHub - wladwnt/wled: Simple WLED Board (SW: https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED)
(Iused it but replaced esp8266 With ESP32)

Or this one that is commercially available in Germany (quite expensive however): WLAN Pixel Controller (WLED) | cod.m GmbH Shop

Thank you