WeMos shield with sound reactive feature

Hi guys here is my new version with sound reactive circuit on board https://github.com/srg74/WLED-wemos-shield/blob/master/resources/Sound/readme.md enjoy!

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Hi @all

I ordered 20 of this boards for a school project. But the project got cancled.
If anyone (in Germany) needs a board, just send a message.

Only boards (not the parts for soldering).

@srg74 - About the parts: Do you order those usually at digikey?

@pmc Usually for prototyping I’m using Digikey for quality parts and reliability. But it is possible to order parts from Aliexpress or eBay with similar parameters much cheaper.

Hi Chris,
do you have any PCBs left?
Pls. contact me: difo2(at)web(Punkt)de

Hey, @pmcI would love to get some. Contact me if you still got some left.
sdsdsd875 [ ät ] gmail.com