Wemos Boards ordered finally... :) cannot wait - quick microphone choice

Hello all,

Just wanted to say thanks again to all and especially srg74!! The boards are being built by PCBWAY France, and should be with me in about 2/3 weeks to send to Spain. I ordered 5x as was the minimum order, so I may have a few spare to sell if anyone is interested - I will post here at cost + p&p when I receive them for the EU members that find it hard to get hold of them or cannot build them like me.

My boards are being assembled and built so I need to think of ordering my wemos esp32 mini and a microphone.

The boards have the “sound” option as I wanted sound reactive. When I was reading further - the one you have added I cannot get [ics-43434]. There are 5 inputs on this for connection. Can I buy another mic with just 3 inputs and add it to the board or I have to use the one you have in the help file.

I may have made an error here lol - so I hope any microphone with the 3 inputs will work too.

I was looking at the following microphone: INMP441

Any assistance before I buy would be great thank you


Actually you can use microphones mentioned here Digital Microphone Hookup · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub just follow pinout. Plug-in board was designed for users convenience but it is possible to use different mics hook up with wires.

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