Wemos shield updated version

Wemos shield is updated for sound reactive feature added by atuline.

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very well done. I love that sound reactive part.

@mike2nl I’m trying to be recent and help someone who’s like it but afraid :slight_smile:

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Does the board the INMP441 microphone ?

Yes. It’s have a header where you can connect Digital or Analog microphone.

Awesome Thanks alot for the quick the quick response

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EDIT: Nevermind, I just went through the files on github and saw that the step was added!!! Thank you very much!
I am trying to find a 3d model of the populated board. If someone has the model, since I see that the only other case on thingiverse has the model in their pictures I figured it exists somewhere, I would like to get hold of it. I do not know what program the board was created in but, a step file of the populated board would be easiest to work with in several programs.
If eagle or fusion was used to create the board, those files would be great since I could directly import and modify. Otherwise, step still allows projections in fusion without having to work with a mesh that makes it very hard to deal with in fusion.
I ordered 15 boards from pcbway and have 1 put together and working. So far, this whole project has simplified so many things. The boards arrived so fast. I have used pcbway before for other projects of mine and they have always been great.

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Hey srg74,

I build you’re awesome board but can’t get it running :X
A stupid question I can use the board with a 5v power supply :?


Thank you for compliment. Absolutely you can run board on 5V and 12V. Depend on position of the power select jumper.

Thanks for the confirmation . I also figured out that’s not a power problem. If I power the esp from the shield, it boots up, so the power supply is fine. It has to be something else I did wrong , that prevents booting.

What version do you have?

You’re latest design with :

  • Power selector
  • Button
  • Relay
  • 5v power supply

Flashed with :

The test you described in you’re wiki also was successful.

Thanks a lot for you’re help

PCB version?
Can we talk in WLED discord channel? It’s faster. You can DM me

The version is 1.51 : Release v1.51 · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub

Let me figure out how to join the channel :slight_smile:

Thanks again

You can join in browser.