WLED wemos shield with relay Wiki added

Hello everyone!
Just posted Wiki for Wemos shield with relay project https://github.com/srg74/WLED-wemos-shield/wiki
Post your questions if any
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If I understand correctly, the purpose of this firmware is to energize or de-energize a relay in order apply or cut power to the pixels strip(s) or string(s) when the data is or is not present. Can you please confirm? Thanks.

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It is exactly like that.
The relay function is build in wled, no usermod needed for that.

@ voyagertm

Cool…Now, when you said

The relay function is build in wled

Do you mean Aircoookie wled? Or only this one?

Both, its part of wled, it does it automaticly.
It is on gpio12(d6 for wemos).
Wich is connected like that on this board.


Thanks again.

Yes in Aircooolie WLED project:
#define RLYPIN 12 //pin for relay, will be set HIGH if LEDs are on (-1 to disable). Also usable for standby leds, triggers,…

Hi all! Updated PCB version with microphone input have been posted and freshly compiled bin files with latest features have been added to repository https://github.com/srg74/WLED-wemos-shield. Repository with sound reactive WLED here https://github.com/atuline/WLED

Very nice and thank you for doing this for everyone. I see the ability to order the boards, do you have a parts kit or a list in Mouser or something similar?

I usually build my own shields and am using Wemos32 for sound reactive and will add OLED and rotary encoder for favorites selection, it might be easier to just modify yours.

Thanks again.

Also, it looks like both data and clock out are level shifted, any reason I couldn’t use this to drive 2 WS28xx strings if/when the code supports multiple output pins?

@lanman1Hi! Very glad you like it. Folks in this community will be happy to see your version of using WLED and shield.
In my repository you can find BOM list for ordering parts. Basically you can use a substitutes parts too. Regarding 2 strips - as of for now it’s not officially supported by WLED firmware. But you free to change code, WLED project is open source.

Anyone in the US have 2 raw boards I could buy? China post from PCBWay ETA is end of June.

@lanman1 What exactly do you need?

2 of the raw boards. PCWay is relatively cheap, 10 for 5$ but delivery is end of June unless you select more expensive shipping.

I need you address. Cover only a shipping cost. You can PM me on discord WLED channel

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Thank you for your generous offer.

Just ordered 10 pcs from PCBWay - now I have to wait at least one month to receive them here in Germany.
I may have some questions regarding the BOM in the near future :grinning:

Thank you for your choice. Any questions is welcome.

I received the PCBs some time ago but only now I’ve got some time to resume my LED projects and I’ve got some questions regarding the BOM.
_I have the 1.0 version of the PCB, but some of the stuff in the repo is for PCB 1.2. Is the BOM still valid for the 1.0?
_UVR1E102MPD seems to be out of stock, can I use UHW1E102MPD instead?
_ more questions to come :slight_smile:

Difference between versions is not crucial. So you can use BOM from version1.2 . Capacitor you found looks good.

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