WLED WeMos Shield - NooB DIYing

Hello all,

Being in Spain I have decided to venture into building my own with the great guides and help on here.

I would like to double-check I am reading things correctly before I start to order the parts.

The idea is to make this sound reactive and use an ESP32 Mini to drive 300 WS2812B LEDs that have been cut in 10 strips of 30LEDs to put into my “Nano build”

I guess the main components I have sorted and they seem to be as follows: I added only options 1 & 6

R3 - 10kOhm Stackpole Electronics Inc S10KQCT-ND CFM14JT10K0 X2

R2 - 56Ohm Stackpole Electronics Inc S56QCT-ND CFM14JT56R0 X1

C1 - 0.1uF Kemet 399-4151-ND C315C104M5U5TA X1

C2 - 1000uF 25V Nichicon 493-1065-ND UVR1E102MPD X1

C6 - 470uF 10V Würth Elektronik 732-8708-1-ND 860010273011 X1

D1 - 1N4148 Vishay Diodes 1N4148-P-TAPGICT-ND 1N4148-P-TAP X1

D2 - 1N5817 Micro Commercial Co 1N5817-TPCT-ND 1N5817-TP X1

Q1 - 2N7000 ON Semiconductor 2N7000FS-ND 2N7000 X1

LV1 - SN74AHCT125 Texas Instruments 296-4655-5-ND SN74AHCT125N x1

F1 - 3568 Keystone Electronics 36-3568-ND 3568 x1

F2 - 16V 900mA Littelfuse Inc. RUSBF090-2HFCT-ND RUSBF090-2 x1

K1 - SRD-05VDCSL-C Songle Amazon, Aliexpress SRD-05VDCSL-C x1

X1 - TERM BLK 2P SIDE ENT 5.08MM PCB Molex WM4393-ND 398800302 x1

X2 - TERM BLK 4P SIDE ENT 5.08MM PCB Molex WM13972-ND 398800304 x1

SOUND - CONN HDR 6POS 0.1 GOLD PCB Sullins Connector Solutions S7039-ND PPPC061LFBN-RC x1

HEADER - CONN HEADER VERT 20POS 2.54MM Harwin Inc. 952-3306-ND M20-9992045 x1

JUMPER - CONN JUMPER SHORTING GOLD Sullins Connector Solutions S9001-ND SPC02SYAN x1

C4, C5 - 10uF TDK Corporation 445-8262-ND FK11X7R1E106M x2

PS1 - VXO7805-500 CUI Inc. 102-4249-ND VXO7805-500 x1

H1, H3, H4 (ESP 32 mini)

CONN HDR 8POS 0.1 GOLD PCB Sullins Connector Solutions S7041-ND PPPC081LFBN-RC x3

H2 (ESP 32 mini)

CONN HDR 10POS 0.1 GOLD PCB Sullins Connector Solutions S7043-ND PPPC101LFBN-RC x1

Sound sensor - ics-43434

Looking at the guide it seems straight forwards adding the parts to the X# labels on the board.

For the sound sensor - it seems it is just a question of adding this to the board on the connections?
I noticed a schematic in this option - do I need to add more things in the parts list or it is just “plug and play” for the sensor?

I hope this is ok to post on here for any help.

Thank you in advance.


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Actually you could start with 5V strip and 5V only for board configuration. It’s a minimum parts and you can see how it’s goes. After you can add more parts if you need them to extend possibilities. Sound module is separate plug in module. Explore all pictures on GitHub and you will have general idea how things is working together.

I will order and in a few weeks hopefully, post my project up :slight_smile:

Hello all,

So I have finally received my Shields in the post today and as I am trying to read about getting myself organised to learn to flash and everything else, I have already stumbled lol.

Looking at my shield and my ESP32 D1 mini, the ESP32 came with 6 headers, 4x 10pins and 2x 8pins with long pins which seem to the ones to go through and connect to the shield. (the 10pins don’t seem to help at all as they are short and that’s it)

I have been looking at which to use and pictures on the wiki, and it seems I do not know where to go straight from the start… so sorry if this sounds like I really stupid question.

Do I just use the 2x 8pins with the long pins going through the ESP32 on the inside highlighted holes and will insert into just two of the header strips on the shield?

Thx in advance.


You have to add male headers something like this https://www.amazon.com/Antrader-Single-2-54mm-Header-Connector/dp/B07D49CT82/ref=sr_1_4?crid=72YKF5WYQRPI&dchild=1&keywords=male+headers+2.54mm&qid=1620077383&sprefix=male+headers%2Caps%2C159&sr=8-4
Solder them in to rows 10 pin each. For basic functionality without sound reactive copability you can use only one row 10 pin each.

OK thx, need to buy some as they included all except these ones lol

Just a question, the Shield I got built has 3x 8pin and 1x 10pin.

Should I follow the same as the board?

you have newer board and new board female headers is 2x10pin, but you can still use assorted pins. In this case on esp32 board follow that pattern.

Hello all, continuing with the same thread:

I finally received the male headers and badly soldered them to the ESP32 lol

I am starting first with just WLED 0.12 to learn before I add the microphone and flash the sound reactive.

I was able to flash properly and add my wifi network to the ESP32 - however, I think I am missing something as when I put it into the Shield it seems there is no power to it and can’t find it on the network and only the first few LEDs shine white.

Any advice here? DO I need to configure something before adding it to the shield?



It’s kind of difficult to guess what issues you have. Better if you move to WLED discord channel and talk to me in real time. @serg74

Just updating for maybe others…
The reason why I was not getting any power to the ESP32 was due to my bad soldering. With advice, I used FLUX and tried again and the results were much tidier and the ESP32 finally got power when added to the shield.

I then had another problem where it kept turning on & off with loud clicking and unable to connect to it.
Here had to check my power supply as guided: I have 300LEDs WS2812b and an underpowered 5V - 40W - 8A brick power supply.
In the LED Preferences I changed the mA to 7800 - and also default brightness to 64.
This solved the crazy clicking problem.

I then had to also deselect: “Turn LEDs on after power-up/reset” - this avoided my LEDs switching on randomly when I wanted it powered off from the app.

Since all these modifications - no more problems for now…
Next step adding the INMP441 to the shield and the sound reactive fork :slight_smile: coming soon.
Hopefully will be able to add this to the project section all done and working :slight_smile:

Special thanks go to @srg74 and @tonyno

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Hello all :slight_smile:
Just received the INMP441 and my jumpers - yay soldering time again haha.

Quick question with this guide:
The shield offers those options:
G - 32 - 15 - 14 - A0 - 3V

The INMP441 has:
L/R - SD - WS - SCK - VDD - GND

Just a quick question on this - I follow ESP32 PIN - as seems to be the corresponding labels, however I use an ESP32 mini D1 and then it does not correspond…

I think I should follow the pins under ESP32 PIN with the jumpers? But A0?
I think the following: after looking at this:

G → WS
32 → L/R
15 → GND
14 → SCK
A0 → VDD
3V → SD

On discord this was what should be:
3V->VDD, G->GND, 14->SCK, 15->WS, 32->SD. Also connect L/R to GND. A0 is not connected (only for analog mic or line in). Assunimg i need to make a Y jumper for L/R & GND to G

The next question reading the wiki here: Home · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub

Can I assume to make sure you can “compile” wled first means just flashing to the ESP32?
Using this file soundReactive_WLED_0.12.0_ESP32.bin is the same process I used to flask WLED .12 hikary?

Thank you


As of 0.12, you no longer need to compile. Just load it up and set the pins in the UI. Yes you can use the same process as standard WLED to flash it to the board.

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