V2.1 of Universal Wemos shield is published

To all folks who like to solder their own projects! v2.1 of shield is published! More flexibility is added. GitHub - srg74/WLED-wemos-shield: Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) or Wemos ESP32 D1 Mini (ESP32) based shield for WLED firmware
Updated Wiki for new shields
PCB can be ordered here Universal WLED wemos shield - Share Project - PCBWay


Starred the project. Will look at this in detail when I come back from holidays. I really like this and have been looking at designing my own, but you may save me all the work.

I hope you will love it :slight_smile:

Ballpark, if you were going to build 5 or 10 boards, how much would it cost for the components?

All depend on components sourcing. Average $5-7


I am building my first board, have all the components but stuck at step 1. I do not know what jumpers to solder. I’m using an ESP8266 and not sure what to solder on “IO1-IO3 - Let you choose D2 output” My understanding my ESP8266 is the Lolin D1 Mini uses “GPIO2 - D4 - Default LED out” so I don’t think I need to solder anything correct?

Also J-R2 seems not to be soldered as the R2 is required

I also bought SW1 and unsure if J-R1 is required as I’m not even sure if I need R1 at all. Can you confirm?

Hi! If you using only one output you don’t need to solder jumper for io1-io3. Default output is GPIO2 marred as DI. Regarding J-R2. This resistor mostly for old LEDs strips. If you a modern one just solder jumper J-R2. Pull-up resistor on switch only needed in case your switch is not stable. Some clone boards require this resistor, in this case you solder resistor and jumper. Basically, this setup is for convenience.

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