WLED mini shield v1.2

Hi All! Whoever using my shield v1.2 here is new and improved 3D printed enclosure by @HarryBaas Mini Shield Enclosure v1.2 by serg74 - Thingiverse


Is this backwards compatible with older versions of the board as well?

I ask because I have/assembled 20 or so v1 - v1.3 boards and could use a better fitting case.

Thank again for sharing cool stuffs.

Edit: Nevermind. After placing the .stl’s in my slicer side by side (the older WLED wemos shield case and this) I see now there is a difference in size.

This is regarding mini shield, not a bigger universal shield.

Oops. I’ve forgot about the other board you designed. Haven’t had a chance to make any of those yet. I bought a bunch of the older universal shield boards that I still have a few boards/components to assemble.

All your boards still good for a projects. New one just give you more flexibility but main features remain the same.

Yes sir they do. Many thanks.
Previously to this boards I was making basic controllers on proto-breadboards. Much nicer to have a PCB to work on. And a PCB design with all the bells and whistles :smile: