Exactly 100 pixels, No more

I searched but didnt find this, so here goes…
Everything was up and running for a year, then I started getting json errors and now I cant get anything lit passed 100 pixels (exactly 100). There are 300 pixels in line. Using a dig quad. Anyone experienced anything like this? Im hoping this is a settings issue before I go out and have to buy a ladder to get to my roof peak. Thanks for the help.

Not ruling out a software problem. I can’t see how it would be. And a re flash of the module should fix it.
However, I would think pixel #101 is likely faulty and needs replacing. or bypassing.
A faulty WS2812 pixel cant forward the data signal to the rest of the strip.

Thanks a ton for the quick response. I was worried this was the case but was holding out hope someone may have experienced a similar issue. Looks like im leaning more towards getting that new ladder.

Try setting segment 0 to 101 to 200 and click the Apply check mark. See if pixels 101-200 light up and if the first 100 go out. If they turn on it is likely a software issue. If they don’t then:

  • Either pixel 100 or 101 are bad
  • After 100 there is normally a connector/splice. Maybe it’s bad.

I just had to change out an xConnect pigtail on my mega tree as it was only working sometimes when I wiggled it.

Thanks! I went out to give it a try and somehow lost all of the lights. Looks i have a lot more work on my hands testing stuff out. Ill give the sections a try once i get the lights restored and let you all know.

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Ended up being a bad pixel (which revealed a second further down the line) and everything is back up and running. Thanks for the help!

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