Fire lamps with a lot of segments


i will build lamps to illuminate a segment of a gabion, which is filled with glass stones. I want to build four lamps with five strips off 12 LEDs each. They should be in vertical orientation. I can wire they from bottom to top each stripe or in zig-zag bottom - top - top - bottom… My problem is, that only 10 segments are possible in WLED and I need 20. Because each stripe can show the same pattern, is there a solution which makes copies from the first segment to all others? I found no solution to represent the fire flicker effect in 20 segments. Other effects are easier to represent, but the fire flicker is heavy for me.

I use a ESP8266 controller with WS2815 LED-Strip.

16 are supported with ESP32, but only 12 on the ESP8266. Memory limitations control that.

If you select each segment (checkbox), then select the effect, they will all do it.

Why not just give each lamp is own controller? It would be easy enough to sync them. You could also split the initial data line and have 10 segments but mirrored.

I have decide make the lamps with four stripes of 12 LEDs each. I split the data lines in two rows so i have 24 LEDs per row divided in two segments of 12 LEDs. Then I have eight segments for programming.