Flashed wrong firmware on a d1_mini

Hi ! I accidently flahed my wemos d1_mini OTA with an own builded esp32 firmware - now it doesn’t boot and do not show any AP - which is nit very surprising.

Unfortunaly an installation with the web installer is also impossible, it just shows “Failed to initialize. Try resetting your device or holding the BOOT button while clicking INSTALL.” which also does not work.

Did i bricked m wemos ? Or can i somehow bring it back to life again ?

I’d guess you may have to revert to some of the esptool via usb methods to do a full erase and reflash the bootloader.

I’d try to load a simple blink led sketch first to prove you can program anything.

Once you’ve got that up you should be able to do a web install of WLED vis usb.

BTW, how old is that wemos d1 ? I’ve seen some notes floating around about a particular sequence of grounding GPIO0 and attaching usb to get it to repsond.

Do a basic firmware flash for D1 Mini,
you might need to flash it using esp flash tools instead of any other application.

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You can re-flash by serial adapter connecting TX, RX, Gnd and connecting D3 to Gnd. This puts the D1 Mini in flash mode.

I have done this to my D1 Mini with faulty usb port. I connect 5v pin to serial adapter for power.