Looking for some advise. I have setup about 600 LEDs 2812b running on a ESP8266. The first 382 are running off a continuous power line, 12 to 16 gauge wires coming from a 60a 5v power supply. I use a logic level shifter for the data to the first led. No problems up to this point. I will also add that I have 2 breaks in the LEDs at about 200 and 280 where I have only connected data line between the strips. Each break is about a 10’ gap. Power is added everty 6 feet or so.

The problem: I continue on to led 383 and they begin to flicker. At this point I have another 10’ break between 382 and 383. I have only connected a data line. The new strip starting at 383 is connected to the same power supply (5v 60a) but using a new run of wire. Trying to keep the load down under 20 amps per wire run. Voltage reads at about 4.8.
Should I be connecting the ground between 382 and 383? Could 382 be corrupt and sending a bad signal. Looking for ideas on how to solve the flickering.

I should also add that the flickering continues on all lights after 383 while the first half remains in good order.

Yes data and ground should be continuous over the whole strip.

Thanks. That solved the flickering issue. I am still daisy chaining only the data between segments but the ground is now connected continuously throughout the circuit. In the future I’ll be sure to connect both the data and ground between larger breaks and introductions of another positive wire.