Help needed troubleshooting flickering

I have had a strip of 780 Ws2812b 5v running for 8 months. It is installed outside on my deck powered inside by a 60a PS.
Esp8266 with a logic level shifter.

The first LED burned out and all the lights went dark. I replaced the LED and all came back on with a problem.

After 280 lights, I have a 14’ gap where I am running data and a ground to the next set of strips. The data is not coming through correctly and the lights flicker from color to color at light 281 and beyond. I have replaced those strips and have the same problem. Voltage is around 4.85 at the start of lights 281 -380. I have now disconnected everything beyond 380 in case there was another issue down the line

Can the Last led at 280 be bad, sending a bad signal. Should I try removing it?

Looking for ideas. I loved this setup but can’t get it operational again.

Symptoms like loose ground.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll try resoldering the connection after led 280.

Didn’t work. Have you ever tried an f÷amp or null pixel . Thinking about trying this after light 280 to get better data signal

I would say it’s no harm to try. I think only signal amplifier will work. 14 feet is a pretty big distance.

Null pixel in the middle of the data run after led 280 did the trick. Not sure why it worked for 7 months without this but it did the trick.