Frame generation for wled?

Hi folks, what really bothers me is that slow moving effects are really not smooth because the LEDs just display frame after frame with no interpolation. I use a 5 meter strip with 300 LEDs (actually it’s 9meters on my install but just for reference) wich should be plenty but you really can see the steps it does on slow moving effects.

Wouldn’t it be possible to compare the previous “frame” with the next one and inserting a frame in between with interpolated values for each led ? This should smooth out movement alot I think. What do you think ?

Normally they would work smoothly, as it is within the range…

To provide more help I need just a few:

  • Type of Board
  • Screenshot of The LED settings page
  • If frames are set low, Set higher. (On the end of LED preference page)

I figured those must be 60LED/M then.
Alright so: I experienced same thing actually while other effects are smooth. I compensate that a bit by increasing the amount of max Frames in the LEF Preferences as @TheLight3r mentioned

I already have it at 120fps

Without interpolation it wouldn’t get smoother and is exactly how its expected to be at slow motions due to the distance from led to led.

I also wondered that some effects seem to be smoother, like they implement interpolation on ther own but idk.

You could try adding Own effects, if you have any experience with coding somewhat

Sorry, Then I don’t know either.
Which I could help more :confused: