Google Assistant / Magic Home Pro Integration Request

Hello All,

I posted this question in the Questions area of the forum and didn’t get much joy. I would now like to turn this into an official enhancement request. I would like to gain an option to allow WLED to be directly integrated with, and controlled by, Google Assistant.

I would like to achieve this integration without any hubs or local servers. (I don’t have any available, haven’t needed or wanted them previously and I don’t want to start now. :wink: )

If direct integration with Google Assistant / Google Home is not viable then is it possible to get WLED to emulate a Magic Home Pro type devices so that I can use their direct integration and control with Google Home. I have chosen Magic Home Pro as I already have a number of these devices already working but would like to move to WLED for additional and future devices. (If it helps, apparently the Magic Home Pro protocol is identical to / closely related to Flux-Led and/or Arilux AL-LC01.)

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance with development of this feature request.


Doesn’t the MHP controller connect to an internet server, enabling the cloud-based service to integrate with google assistant/home and alexa?

Yes, I have full Google Home/Google assistant control over all the Magic Home Pro based devices. They are using the MHP cloud server. That is why I suggested that if WLED can emulate the MHP protocol I can just add the WLED devices to the MHP app and hence have full Google Home/Assistant access. :wink:

Has the MHP protocol been posted by Magic Home for use in open source applications? Has it been reverse-engineered and posted for use in open source applications? Are there working-example applications with the MHP protocol used to enable Google Home/Assistance access?
The Hue emulation is barely working for Alexa [local] access because of changes in the echo firmware. Perhaps you could develop a usermod that implements the MHP protocol and if it is low overhead, could be integrated into WLED for the small percent of people who want cloud integration with their WLED configurations.

After a quick Google search I found this:

As to implementing this, if it is correct, is not in my scope of experience.

Here is another link for SmartThings:

Is there any chance that this enhancement request will be actioned? Either direct Google Home access or access via Magic Home Pro would be appreciated.

The MHP API (python script linked above) is a replacement for a magic home “cloud” server. It does not communicate with the cloud service. Instead, it takes local control over MHP devices. You can do that now by putting WLED on the controllers.

Sorry that the links I posted didn’t help. I am just trying to find a solution so I can add WLED devices to my home automation system.

You can use MQTT, Alexa, or a set of CURL commands to control and monitor WLED devices.
I use CURL to send JSON strings to WLED to turn it on / off, set brightness / effects, select presets, and so on. I know you want to use GH, but I do not see that happening unless someone breaks through with a fair emulator that GH accepts.

The fact you were scouring the internet for examples is to be applauded.

I was simply trying to say your examples were the opposite circumstance from what you want. They were moving control from the cloud to a local device controlling MHP devices by emulating the MHP cloud, mostly in a one-way situation - sending to MHP devices on the same network.

There very well may be an ESP8266/32 device out there that GH recognizes - without the cloud.

Have you considered IFTTT as middle-ware for WLED? Perhaps scour around for IFTTT / GH / WLED coordination code.

I know you could solve it with Home Assistant or something similar (I don’t use H.A.) in case you feel that is an acceptable work-around.

Sorry, I am a Google Home based home. :slight_smile: Alexa not spoken here. :wink: (Though I can mention her name freely as nothing here will respond.)

I took no offence by the post. In fact I welcomed the interaction.

I had a quick look at Home Assistant and decided it was not for me. I want something that is simple and just works. I don’t believe that HA is there yet. As for IFTTT that has gone commercial and, apart from the costs, I have concerns about privacy.

I really want to use WLED so I am hoping that developers will look at the Google Home support request as enabling a whole new group WLED of users.

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I’m willing to help you, for control your WLED enabled boards with Google Home
Do you have a spare ESP board? (This gonna be used for bridge Google Home - Sinric Pro - ESP board - WLED devices (up to three for free with Sinric)
Can you compile with Arduino IDE? (if not, i can provide you the binaries of my project)

If you are interested, stay in tune and reply


My first QuinLED Dig Uno is still on its way. I am not a Arduino developer though I think my nephew and grand nephew are getting interested in tinkering. For now it would be great to be given the binaries.

Thanks for taking an interest, and for your kind offer of assistance.

My QuinLED Dig Uno has arrived and appears to be working fine. My desire to achieve Google Home integration is higher than ever.

I have spoken with Custard via PMs but I believe that the integration library he wanted to use does not support users in Australia. I am still hoping that someone here can help.

This sounds int

This sounds interesting. I’m also a Google home user.

There is no many amazon services in New Zealand so Google home is the way for many here.

I can compile on ardunio ide and I have a spare esp8266 Pro…

It sounds like you are in New Zealand, does your Google Assistant system have English (New Zealand) or do you share another English definition? The problem that Custard faced is that the only language supported by the library he wanted to use was English (United States). English (Australia) did not appear to be supported. (Why there was a difference I will never know.)

I think Google Assistant is more prevalent here in Australia as well. Amazon ignored Australia for a long time so Google got quite a foothold.

Unfortunately, no one here seems at all interested in getting Google Assistant integrated, either directly or via interfacing via Magic Home Pro Google Assistant interface. I sent a PM to Aircoookie (Christian) and that hasn’t been answered either.

Given the lack of interest or support I am thinking of getting rid of the QuinLED Dig Uno and giving up on WLED.

Interesting thoughts. I do not know what is required to emulate something that is enabled in GA. However, if you consider HA and integrate that with both WLED and GA, I think you find a workable solution that does not require anyone to write anything new. Instead, it simply requires you to do some work, create a minimal HA setup (many online videos on how to do this with a raspPi or virtualize it), and then integrate the 2 things you want to talk to each other: WLED and GA.

I looked at HA and decided it is not worth the effort. I want something that is simple, just works and doesn’t require more hardware, more infrastructure and lots of tinkering. When I saw that WLED supported Alexa I just assumed that it would also support Google Assistant. My bad. :frowning:

It is a shame that there is little interest and no apparent intention of supporting Google.

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It’s Google’s fault. :wink: