WLED compatible controllers on Amazon?

Hi Guys, noob here. just wondering if any of the dozen controllers on Amazon work with WLED app / HassIO WLED integration out of the box. Thinking like this one here for example : https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-Controller-Wireless-SK6812-RGBW-Addressable/dp/B07DDB6JHJ

A couple in wiki…

Yes, thanks I saw that. But I’m trying to avoid soldering, flashing, testing, and all that… I just want to buy a WLED compatible WIFI IO conrtoller I can plug LED strips into and control easily in HASSIO… seems all the boards listed dont just work out of the box with WLED. why doesn’t someone build and sell WLED compatible controllers that are plug n play? I’d think there’s a market for this…

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There are lots of those, just not with wled.

@Quindor sells finished boards that I think come with wled flashed. No box from them that I know of, though.

@srg74 also has a finished board and a 3D-printed box is available.

I’ll leave it to either of those two to share more info.

There is some boards available but not inside of enclosure.

I’m ok with making an enclosure, but was trying to avoid the soldering/flashing/testing various s/w builds etc… I understand this is still in the hobbyist beta stage atm - hope it gets big enough where more commercial vendors support WLED standard control too; in the meantime I may try the Quindor 4 ch board - looks cool.

My board is not a beta stage and would not call everyone in this project hobbyists. So far I know we have professional engineers even from NASA. Some professional programmers. What is true that they contributing to the project in their spare time. Definitely it’s not a business.
Quindor board is good too.

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I have personally built several versions of @srg74 's board and it is definitely ready for ‘commercial use’

Thanks for the feedback guys - there are clearly great engineers advancing wled. This project is really compelling. Question: does anyone think it would be worthwhile reaching out to some of the Asian vendors selling on Amazon to see if they are interested in reselling a version of the SP108v2 (or some other board they already sell now) modified to include WLED or partnering with them somehow? thinking this would give WLED even wider exposure, and an easier path obtaining off-the-shelf WLED working controllers for wider adoption. I’m not interested much in tackling this, but perhaps someone else does? Keep up the great work. I hope to contribute in some small way soon.

Are you looking for that many to justify asking them?

I’ve already set myself up for flashing the SP501E, so maybe I can help some people out, but I would need to charge for it as well as the shipping costs.

That’s an excellent idea. I’d probably start with BTF-Lighting. They make the ESP8266 based controller that tonyno mentioned. It wouldn’t cost them any more and WLED is much better than the firmware they ship with. In fact, I think I’m going to message them about it too. They are more likely to respond if they see there is demand for it.

How many leds can it control. My SP511E won’t do 275 without getting a warning

I have some of these and it works well

What warning are you getting with the SP511E?
What version are you running?

I’m running well more than that on a number of SP511E’s.

It is the low memory warning you get when you get > 275 leds. Blaz said the ESP8266 aren’t as memory efficient when using some pins. If you set to too high, you’ll get a message telling you to use an ESP32 instead.

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Amazon controller w/ optional modular expansion.
Product page.

That’s exactly what the message says