Is this wled controller good

I am surprised to see something that cheap , they say wled controller and esp8266 , is this any good ?

This is why…


No level shifter or anything else that can be seen. Just an ESP.

Thank you , I was about to order 6 but thought wled controllers for that much is strange .
I dnt like that they advertise it like this using wled name .

Visit Compatible Hardware - WLED Project for compatible hardware. It’s a lot of good choices.

I am not asking a lot I just wanted some controllers that are :

A ) Ready to use hardware for WLED! I am yet to try any usb to ttl flashing stuff but it is in the plan
B) Available on AliExpress ( because it cost a lot to order from amazon or eu sites )
C) Overall price should be reasonable ( max is 15 $ ) because I want 4 to 6 controllers .

Is this asking too much ?! Unfortunately most controllers I seen do not meet all those conditions ( or it is simply too expensive with no extra protection or HW ) see the reply from Tonyno , we are getting scammed with HW because we like to use wled ( its really a shame )

I am seeing IOT4WLED and it looks promising, I just need to find it on a AliExpress site
Also ATHOM seems okay but again I do not know why it is almost double the price of the ones I already have below? !

I personally like to get something from QuinLED but I think you understand by now why I cant

Below is a sample of what I got in a drunken shopping spree before

I think that we will be rescued by someone in here who will make his own shield that we can easily replicate .I am trying that route now but because i am just staring to solder stuff the result is a bit
questionable but extremely fun to do .


That’s unreal!

The Wemos D1 mini can’t even output enough current from it’s 5V pin to run the amount of LED’s they are selling in that package. I tried running 30 LED’s that way and kept getting reboots due to low power. Moving the LED 5V supply to bypass the Wemos (but still from the same power supply) and the setup works perfectly.

So dodgy :man_facepalming: