Any ready to buy hardware

Hey guys, just wondering if there is any off the shelf controllers I can buy, rather than having to make one up and solder etc, plus have the flashed software and wifi module ready to go.

I’m after about 5 units, maybe more.

Looking to run WS2811 strips and pixels, 5 & 10m, 12V
I can sort the power supplies out, but would be handy if it had a AC adaptor I could just plug in.

Look at compatible hardware section on Compatible Hardware - WLED Project


And we don’t have it listed there, but there is also an ebay seller that offers the Tuya addressable LED controllers pre-flashed with WLED for about $15. It does look like there are any available right now. But for half the price, you can get better controllers, the SP501E and SP511E. If you are willing to flash them yourself.

The compatible hardware section has links for flashing both controllers. If you follow my guide, it takes under 2 minutes to pull apart, hook up and flash.

Thanks so much, can these then be controlled with E1.31?

Yes. WLED has that baked in.