Govee H61020A with WLED

Hey there,
this is my first try with WLED…
I have a Govee LED Stripe with Bluetooth and would like to use it with WLED. Is it even possible and what do I need to do to get it working?

Thanks for your help.

Looks pretty standard, just connect the GPIO output to the DI input along with ground (use a levelshifter).

The biggest issue will be finding the right protocol for that variation. Start with WS281x and see what you get. There’s a number of people who have been down this path so a search through the forum could be helpful.

I am very sorry, but what is GPIO output, DI input and a levelshifter?
Do you have some pictures for me to understand better?
I have seen some videos but these stripes are different to mine.
Just soldering wires to the beginning of the strip and to the esp32?

Do some reading here.

No problems, we all started out somewhere :wink:

The knowledgebase is a good place to get an idea about strips in general, try: Getting Started. Lots of good info in there.

As far as the “Buzz words” you’ll see around here:

GPIO - General Purpose Input Output, pins on the ESP device running WLED. You pick one (of many) that you connect to your strip to supply the data to make them light. You’ll enter that selection in the configuration section of WLED.
DI - Data Input, addressable strips have a data “direction”. Data is sent into the input (DI) and comes out the output (DO). If you look at your picture, it’s labelled on the strip.

I think slowly I‘m getting it.
So in my case I need an esp32, a levelshifter and a power supply.
Can you recommend some of these in amazon?