GPIO35 disabled on ESP32?

I’m using an HiLetgo ESP-WROOM-32 ESP32 ESP-32S with the following GPIO’s for controlling 8215 strips.


All the GPIO’s appear to work fine but wled won’t keep the setting for anything on pin35… even if i remove all the other pins and try just 35 alone, it lets me put in the value, start/count then when I go to save it, the pin setting is wiped out and it returns to a start value of 0 and count 0. I have 4 different ESP32 setups using the same pinouts and all of them have the same issue.

Running version 0.12.0 with all settings back to initial defaults.

I recommend 0.13.0b2 (or higher) when it comes to multi-pin / segment / pin configuration and successfully saving.

The guide should say that 35 is an INPUT only. :wink:

I was just talking with blazoncek about this. Helping avoid invalid configuration options is something on the radar. As others noted, pin 35 is an input-only pin, so it’s not usable as an output. This is why the configuration is rejected.

In current main branch, user mod configuration pages will warn if trying to use an input pin, by applying a color to the entered pin number. However, this warning is not yet applied in the LED configuration pages (for relays, buttons, etc.).

This should change soon, so that it at least highlights an attempt to use input pins in the LED configuration page, so that you at least get a visible warning when using an input-only pin.

Also coming: detection of pin conflicts, even between usermod and LED settings pages.

Thanks everyone for the comments… I was so excited to get started with the project I didn’t delve far enough into all the pin assignments. it looks like the best ones to use for this are 16-33 and I’ll end up shifting 5 up to that range as well.