Grafting excess 2811 LED strips together

Excuse the dumb question, but I’m very new to LED lighting. In fact this is one of my first projects I’m working on so I’m still learning a lot.

I have some sets of strip lights, some of those WS2811 3 pixels run by 1 IC things that are easily purchased via Ebay. I was able to solder together two strips to get the ideal length of strip I needed for running around the trim of one side of a sign and cut the excess length for a perfect fit. So I took another controller for an exact copy of the sign and got the first set up and going with no problems.

Now I decided instead of wasting another strip and cutting the excess away, I tried to solder the excess strips together from the first one and hope it works. Well, it didn’t. The first set of lights works fine but my grafted excess set remains white even when I make sure I have all the settings correct.

I’m thinking this is something I can’t do. Is this a correct assumption? Or did I just not get something correctly soldered when I did this (which is possible as I have terrible soldering skills)?

Thanks in advance for the help.

it should be possible, as long as the properties of the strips match. keep the grouping, watch for direction of data line.

Apologies, can you clarify?

Keep the grouping?

As for the strips, they’re all from the same set I ordered at the same time so the properties should be all the same, and the data line runs the correct direction.

ensure the pattern of 1IC per 3LEDs stays intact.

Ah. Got it. Thanks. :slight_smile: