Handling Big Power Supply for 2000 LEDs

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for my big Pixel LED project power requirement is 360W (2000x0.18 w/led - 5v), shall I use 1 PSU (400W) to power whole project or multiple PSUs also I want to limit current supply to strips. If I use multiple PSUs what current rating should I put in LED preference? is it A1+A2+… or rating of single PSU “A”. Please suggest.

As per product description my pixel requires 0.18W per pixel and not 0.3W per pixel
100 LEDs per strip & there are 20 Strips


You can use multiples, just don’t interconnect the positives. Check out this video.

Thanks @tonyno for the reply I watched the video, understand things on injection, my question is on Led Preference settings of WLED that if I’m using two 200W (5v 40Amps) PSU & I want current limiting feature to both save my PSU & Led Strings, what should be put in “Maximum Current” value is it 40,000mA (just the common current rating) or 80,000mA (current rating of PSU1 + current rating of PSU2). Please suggest.

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It would be the sum of both PSU’s, 80A.

You understand, the automatic brightness limiter doesn’t measure any power draw from your supplies at all?
It just guesses how much you’d be drawing based on the maximum you tell it for 1 LED and the total LEDs lit and their brightness.

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Thanks @divsys for your reply, I’ll try this out