Request for custom Voltage in LED Preferences

I am loving WLED, but like any human we all finds ways to comment so here is mine.

In WLED 0.13.3 LED & Hardware setup the LED voltage drop down has a “Custom option” however it only allows the user to edit the current and not the voltage and defaults to 5VDC. Ideally the user can enter the Voltage (in my case 24VDC WS281x from Costco) as well as the current per pixel. Then up at the top of the page the calculated total LEDs and recommended power supply would reference this info.

If you really want to get fancy than having custom voltage/current for each LED output channel and then showing the size of each power supply would be cool.

I can calculate the PSU myself but just thought at least updating the custom voltage value would be nice.

Thanks again

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That is a usermod and you would need to contact the author.

The reality is, what you’re trying to control is power.
The ABL tries (in a crude fashion) to make sure your LEDs don’t try and draw more power than what you tell it your PS can deliver. The voltage is largely irrelevant in a sense, it’s just convenient to list the 2 most common types - 5 & 12V.

Rather than include different voltages, I’d lobby for a single new entry that asks for the max power of each LED and use that with the max power of the PS. I don’t hold much hope that will appear though - it means we the users would have to do the math about voltage/power conversions.

Probably simplest to leave it as it is…

I agree, the voltage value is not used in any math or equations, it is just for reference/labeling
Power = Current x Voltage

I do not think changing the data entry to Power (Watts) is a good idea, like you said people would have to do math, current entry is the way to go, and its easier to correlate with the fusing/power supply ampacities as well.

The way the led settings are setup do work because I know my 24VDC 6LED pixel = 45mA each. I set 45mA in the custom box and then at the top it says my recommended power supply is 4A at 5V. Iit defaults to 5V, even though the voltage is not used in the calculation it is a bit misleading. All i am asking for is when entering “custom current” have a “custom voltage” as well so it changes the label at the top of the screen for recommended power supply.