Has Anyone Used This ESP Flasher

After recent issues regarding flashing an ESP32 with esphome flasher and filesystem memory errors, I found this flasher.


It seems to operate within a windows environment. Has anyone used this Espressif tool and if so with what success.

I’ve never heard of problems with ESPHome Flasher. What was the issue?

When using homeflasher on an ESP32 dev board I only get a filesystem size of 61kb which according to Aircoookie should be nearer 1500kb. This was limiting the amount of presets I could store (max 49).

All on this thread (Error 11 - Not Enough Memory Space)

I did use that tool before. What is the question?

I wanted to try out this flasher tool hence asking if people had used it. Just wondered what settings were used for the Wled binaries.

It simple as day. You can see example on their website. Just put correct offsets for different files. Files you can grab from .pio in platformio after you compile code. Only one file is not there it’s a boot loader.

Here is exactly what you have been asking for:
In platformio open a new terminal and type: pio run -v -t upload When you see the “Connecting…” abort the upload. Above this you see the esptool command, that was used by platformio. In this command we can find all files that we need for building the binary. Here a picture for visualisation:

Here you can see where the files should be adressed. Now download the official ESP Flash Download Tool: https://www.espressif.com/en/support/download/other-tools Start it and select Developer Mode > ESP32 Download Tool. Now set up everything like in the picture:
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Now click CombineBin and than you have your binary file with bootloader.
All credits to @Woody

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Many thanks for the detailed info.
I shall try out this method shortly. Hopefully this tool will sort out my Wled filesystem memory size issues I encountered when using ESP home flasher and programming ESP32 dev boards.

Happy Holidays!

And to you and everyone else who makes this group a pleasure to be part of.

Should this be updated for the new partition setup?