Help with esp32

New to this type of board, could anyone help with using WLED and ESP WROOM 32D board to control LED strips, what pins do I use on board please, already installed WLED on board, but Led on board stays on , any idea if I have faulty board or just my lack of knowledge? Phot of my board attached.
Many thanks.

Lots of info in this topic. What pins on a Esp32 wroom from Az can be used to drive Addressable leds. For multi output use with wled

As far as the onboard LED, the Red one often stays on as a “power light” and there’s nothing you can do about it (except cover or remove it). There may be a separate Blue one that is connected to a GPIO, depends on your board.

As Jinx mentioned, none of this is really relevant to WLED driving your strips. Check out the docs mentioned and try GPIO13 or GPIO16 to drive your strip. Make sure you configure WLED to match the pin you choose and that you have both a Data and Ground connection from the ESP32 board to your strip.

Power for the strip is best supplied from a separate 5V supply (+5 and Ground) unless you’re running a very small (30 or less LEDs) strip.

Thank you for the info, i will give it a go later. If i wanted to connect a microphone to the esp board what is they way to conect that and use the sr version of wled ?