Home address idea

Hey all, long time user, first time poster.

I have my entire roofline just done with 2815’s and everyone on my block loves it. Now I am moving to more “specialized” applications.

In looking at my address numbers, does anyone have an idea for “bending” the LED strip to contour to each number (I can solder wiring between each number), or perhaps I mount it perpendicular to the back with some sort of L-channel and put LED’s on both sides? I want a “backlit” feel on the daily with the ability to have some fun on holidays:

Any thoughts welcome! I already have 2815 leftovers and plenty of ESP32’s, with 12V immediately overhead from my roofline with plenty of spare capacity.

Look for S-bend LED strips. :wink:

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My thought is not as elegant as you probably want, but … if it were me, I would:

  1. Remove those fantastic numbers from the house.
  2. Purchase a piece of wood sturdy enough for offsetting the board from the house right where the numbers currently sit
  3. Paint the wood a light color, perhaps a color close to the middle tone of the stone on the exterior of the house
  4. Place the numbers on the wood with a little more offset than it currently has (experiment with the offset depth for optimal visual effect!)
  5. Drill holes right by the bolts holding the numbers to the board so it can hide LED strip inter-connecting cables.
  6. Use very small pieces of pipe to route cable from back of numbers (LED strips) to back side of wood.
  7. Paint pipe same color as wood so it blends in
  8. Insert black cable/wiring into pipe between LED strips
  9. At beginning of first segment, probably the top number, wire will go to the rear of the wood the numbers are mounted to
  10. Now add LED strip behind the wood used for mounting the numbers - around the perimeter of the board so it can also participate in the visual fun.
  11. Mount the board with enough offset to easily run the cable/wire from the rear LED strip to the power source / ESP32
  12. Connect the wires
  13. Test
  14. Smile
  15. Enjoy

I’d get something like T1023 or T1220-3 from https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000095850068.html. You’ll need one with the LEDs standing on edge so it bends.