How control custom layout

hi i create not symetric layout from strips to matrix like

here i example of my layout

the questions is how i can controll on / off led per address

for example i want to on led no 1 , 3 , 5
and off no 2 and 4

how i can set manualy on presets using 2d matrix mode??
its possible or not?

Make sure you are on latest ( this might not work otherwise ) . You can do that in multiple ways now. An easy way would be to use a gap file as with the below example . You can experiment with 0 for blank or -1 for missing pixels . You can also experiment with ledmaps along side a gap file if needed .

Just start with a matrix of 8x24

where i can get this file plss and how to use it?
btw how i can call with save presets on boot use json post?

Use excel to make the gap file , you can then load it under 2d setup , not sure if is alrady in AC but it is in MM here WLED-wemos-shield/resources/Firmware/@MoonModules/v0.14.0-b2.19 at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub . If you want to use pixel art with wled then check GitHub - werkstrom/WLED-PixelArtConverter: Convert any image your browser can render into pixel art for WLED

If you need more info then look in discord under 2d channel

im using nodemcu v3 i flashed esp8266 then not working
i have been using pixart too but need picture i need map manualy as u said for example using 0 and 1

I have just tested that one hour ago using ledmaps and you can see the result on discord and I think it will be the best and easy way for your use case