How to add more time delay switch button

Hi , i want to add more time to trigger off when button pressed.
i have been checked on button.cpp
but i changed value from 300 to 1000 but no affected
then how to change delay off time after button pressed??

Use the button to trigger a playlist that handles the delay then shuts them off.

which code to execute??

Click on the playlist button and you will see your options. :wink:

you mean on this settings??
i dont get it

i only found code on this presets


then what should i do?

void handleSwitch(uint8_t b)
// isButtonPressed() handles inverted/noninverted logic
if (buttonPressedBefore[b] != isButtonPressed(b)) {
buttonPressedTime[b] = millis() ;
buttonPressedBefore[b] = !buttonPressedBefore[b];

if (buttonLongPressed[b] == buttonPressedBefore[b]) return;

if (millis() - buttonPressedTime[b] > WLED_DEBOUNCE_THRESHOLD) { //fire edge event only after 50ms without change (debounce)
if (!buttonPressedBefore[b]) { // on → off
if (macroButton[b]) applyPreset( macroButton[b] , CALL_MODE_BUTTON_PRESET );
else { //turn on

    if (!bri) {toggleOnOff(); stateUpdated(CALL_MODE_BUTTON);}
} else {  // off -> on


 if (macroLongPress[b] ) applyPreset( macroLongPress[b]    ,  CALL_MODE_BUTTON_PRESET );
  else { //turn off
    if (bri) {toggleOnOff(); stateUpdated(CALL_MODE_BUTTON);}


which one should i modified
if i changed state of WLED_DEBOUNCE_THRESHOLD its must press 2 second , i just want to press 50ms by default and hold it for 2 seconds than back to preset

Playlist. Notice Duration…

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i have been tested its no delay after im released the pin

no one can help??

Do like tony said and use a playlist for your timer.

Create a preset that has nothing in it. (preset 1)
create a preset for OFF (preset 2)
Create a DelayOFF playlist

First entry in playlist would be your empty preset (1) with whatever duration you are looking for. Second entry would be your off preset (2). Simple really.

got it i will try